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Kid's Yoga

Kid's Yoga boosts children's focus and encourages them to work collaboratively in a fun & non-competitive environment. Yoga also helps reduce the risk of injuries in sports and follows a safe approach towards building flexibility, strength & agility in a child's body. 

Yoga also improves concentration, academic performance & mental health. Yoga is a peaceful environment for children to grow in & develop emotionally and physically, boosting grounding and growth. 


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Mom & Me

"Strengthening the mother-daughter bond through Yoga is a great way to nurture your relationship, balance your energy levels and have a fun Yoga practice" Mom & Daughter Yoga sessions are specifically designed to foster mutual respect, positive communication, and trust between moms (or any adult female role model) and daughters as we learn Yoga techniques and have heaps of fun! We always do an individual breathwork practice and super safe warm up, partner Yoga poses, some exciting Acro Yoga poses and other practical and peaceful ideas you can continue to practice at home! 


Teen Yoga


Teen Yoga classes are designed to help youngsters build focus, endurance, confidence and determination through understanding the basics of a regular yoga practice from a Mindful perspective. Young students will often face challenges and pressures in their busy academic, sports and social lifestyle. Yoga can help body and mind disconnect from the surrounding buzz and re-wire brain and body connections for a higher ability to prioritize, deal with stress, anxiety, and emotions. A regular Yoga practice enhances breathing awareness, appreciation, and love towards our environment, in developing strength, flexibility, and coordination; enhancing self and mutual respect as well as boosting academic performance.

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