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Move On Yoga & Pilates offers private sessions, group classes as well as classes specialized for kids & teens taught by Carla Julian

C A R L A   J U L I A N

My education and teaching background in London has been a platform where I have learnt and discovered from students of different cultures, religions, beliefs and backgrounds. Using a combination of techniques acquired through Drama & Yoga, I target specific skills in my students to improve their all round performance. 


Teaching Yoga before and after school, and within a family environment has allowed me to observe the positive changes students undergo from breathing exercises to flowing movement which has directly impacted on their mood, energy and academic performance.



Private Classes range from beginners level to therapeutics; having a yoga expert come to your desired premises at your preffered times and tailor your yoga experience to your needs easily becomes part of the urban lifestyle necessites. 



G R O U P  &  


Group sessions and corporate classes can be booked up for an event or regular slots at your office space or building gym.

K I D S   &   T E E N S


Kids and teens classes are most frutiful in small groups or in a family environment where everyone enjoys the benefits of a yoga practice, whether it's out in an open air garden or park, or else in the peace and quiet of the home. 

"Strengthening the mother-daughter bond through Yoga is a great way to nurture your relationship, balance your energy levels and have a fun Yoga practice"


Mom & Daughter Yoga sessions are specifically designed to foster mutual respect, positive communication and trust between moms (or any adult female role model) and daughters as we learn Yoga techniques and have heaps of fun!  

We always do an individual breathwork practice and super safe warm up, partner Yoga poses, some exciting Acro Yoga poses and other practical and peaceful ideas you can continue to practice at home!

Family Yoga classes deliver the same mind and body benefits as any other yoga class: peace, tranquility as well as increased bodily strength and flexibility. Yoga offers families the opportunity to come together in a non-competitive and healthy environment, spending quality bonding and trust building time. One hour of being present without expectations is a sweet and happy gift to embrace.

Teen Yoga classes are designed to help youngsters build focus, endurance, confidence and determination through understanding the basics of a regular yoga practice from a Mindful perspective


Young students will often face challenges and pressures in their busy academic, sports and social lifestyle. Yoga can help body and mind disconnect from the surrounding buzz and re-wire brain and body connections for a higher ability to prioritise, deal with stress, anxiety and emotions.


A regular Yoga practice enhances breathing awareness, appreciation and love towards our environment, in developing strength, flexibility and coordination; enhancing self and mutual respect as well as boosting academic performance.

S U P  Y O G A


SUP Yoga is great for​ your health. It reduces stress, strengthens, tones, and stretches your body and makes you feel​ fantastic!​ When you combine the yoga practice, with the sunshine, water and fresh air, you get the added benefits that nature always ​ has to offer! When you take the practice of yoga out on a paddle board, you increase the challenge​ in terms of core strength required​. ​We​ do many of the same poses on a yoga board, ​which encourages​ you to improve and advance your balance skills and tap into the core of the earth​ to stabilise. Not to mention, you have to paddle in and out, and that in itself is a great core workout!​​ Anyone can do it​, ​a yoga board is not to​o​ heavy and is relatively easy to ​carry in and out of the water!

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