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In this day and age with technology and screen time on the rise, and our schedules busier than ever; children need to have the opportunity to decompress and express themselves, learn to connect with their feelings and emotions, as well as soothe and balance out their energies. They also need an outlet to find stillness and enjoy moments to just be in sharing their authenticity!


Kids Yoga & Mindfulness provides that outlet; it's still fast paced to keep them engaged, however non competitive, and it teaches children how to enjoy being still, how to connect with nature,

how to breathe, check in with themselves and be present.  


Wellbeing is one of the key pillars for life, and we aim to create an educational world class ground

in which where we are able to nurture children's mental health and wellbeing across: 

physical, socio-emotional, cognitive, psychological & energy.

We are excited to be back on the mat at the studio as early as September 2023,

bringing our wonderful 95h Kids Yoga & Mindfulness YTT Yoga Alliance

accredited to Dubai and the UAE as a whole!!



Enhanced course content delivered through in person workshops over

UAE weekends (Saturdays & Sundays)

Access to downloadable resources for you to read, practice, consolidate & 

complete assignments from the comfort of your zen space at home

Live demo classes targeting different children's age groups for you to partake

in the child's role, observe and learn organically

Sharing circle with trainers in which you will receive our guidance and support in the

World of Children's Yoga & Mindfulness 

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