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The world of Children's Yoga & Mindfulness is a vibrant, fast-paced, creative-head demanding reality in which teachers get to play as much as their mini yogi students do. However, in encountering the realities this fascinating job entails, together with responsibilities from an adult perspective who is responsible for leading the group and successfully get through the activity, ensuring all children are making good progress, are safe, having fun, feel motivated, empowered, have an imaginative boost, get stronger, follow the class, understand the language, engage... and you must for sure and certain expect the unexpected; all of these can at take you by surprise, make you feel like you have run out of ideas, like nobody understands what is happening and that the Yoga class is unusual and not at all what you had planned and most certainly not what you would have expected it would be...

This 30 hours Children's Yoga Advanced Skills Continued Education Course provides an in-depth advanced dive into the experience of running successful sessions for your minis for all certified Children's Yoga Teachers from different schools and backgrounds who are seasoned yogis and willing to delve into a profound level of Children's Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation. 

The Advanced Skills Continues Education Course covers: The Art of Props, Class Themes for On-The-Go Sessions, Integrating Music & Games to Boost Child Participation, Experience Live Demo Classes, Yoga for Trauma Informed Classes, Acro Yoga Techniques, Teaching Mixed Ability and Mixed Aged Groups, Anatomy, Kriya Yoga, Managing Challenging Behavior, Business Realities

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This course will pave your way in learning Advanced Children's Yoga & Mindfulness practices 

The course is open to certified Children's Yoga teachers; open to all schools, backgrounds and experiences

Gain a confident and strong in-depth command of Children's Yoga as a practice, career,  and as a way of living!


This course has made a huge change in my practice as I learned not only about the asanas but also about the philosophy and history of the practice. What also made this course very special is the feminine bonding we have made with other practitioners and YOU

- S.M.

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