Move On Yoga & Pilates offers private and group classes for children and adults, educational workshops and training programs. 


Carla Julian comes from a Dance, Performing Arts and Education background, is trained in Hatha Yoga, Children's Yoga, Therapeutics Based Yoga, and is a Mindfulness & Academic Performance Coach.

Throughout a regular practice, Carla's students have enhanced their alignment and strength, bodily power, improved psycho-emotional conditions, built confidence, learnt to better manage stress levels, increased their flexibility, & magnified their happiness through her engaging and fun classes.




Carla Julian left London for Dubai in 2013, pioneering Children’s Yoga in the region.

She actively raises awareness and inspires little ones to happily develop and grow mindfully, in order to become more successful in all aspects of their life journey through Yoga. She is the avid Holistic Influencer amongst her circle, and has converted many students into a

regular Yoga practice due to its Therapeutic benefits.


Although she specialises in private training mainly through Therapy Based Yoga & Pilates techniques, she has brought in Sensory Yoga for children with special additional needs to the Emirates, as well as ignited her signatures Mother&Daughter Yoga, Mom&Me Yoga and Dad&Me Yoga across Dubai;

bringing the joy of partner and Acro-Yoga to strengthen the parent & child bond.


Carla comes from an Education & Performing Arts background, which has given her the skills to help children, teenagers and adults strive towards higher levels of physical, emotional, holistic and overall lifestyle achievements & well-being. London's educational sector piloted Yoga for Children & Teen programs run in residential, personal & social development sessions, referral units,

& children’s hospitals in the city. 


London trained in Hatha Yoga by Conrad Duckworth’s Yoga Professionals, and Jo Manuel’s Children’s Yoga at Special Yoga, she's also trained in BSY Pilates, Mindfulness & Transpersonal Psychology in UK; skills she combines beautifully in her sessions & workshops.