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We are thrilled to bring Move On Kids’ Yoga & Mindfulness to Asya's Nursery

We teach Yoga & Mindfulness for all levels and abilities through a non-competitive approach by focusing on breath work, movement, yoga play, mindfulness and body alignment. We foster confidence, creativity, imagination, and awareness while discovering the mind and body connection that is intrinsic to the practice of Yoga for children from 2 years old

in a safe, reduced, stimulating and closely monitored environment. 


Academic Year 2023-2024 Term 3 dates & fees:

Children's Yoga & Mindfulness Classes ages 2-5

 Course dates April 15th 2024 —> June 27nd 2024

Timings Asya's Nursery Palm Tuesdays 11am-11.30am

Our enrichment Kids Yoga & Mindfulness activity is open to external children 


10 weeks + 1 complimentary class course Yoga & Mindfulness block T3 | 800 AED

5 weeks + 1 complimentary class course Yoga & Mindfulness block T3 | 450 AED


To register your child for the course fill out the registration form

& complete payment details HERE

*One paid trial class out of our open class allowed at 95 AED should you prefer this option

*We will pro-rata course rates should your child join at a later date in the term.


We look forward to seeing your child on the mat!


Yoga for all involves focusing on increasing cognitive skills, imitation and communication through creating a peaceful all inclusive environment for children to emotionally stabilize, physically grow, self-regulate and develop in.

Children will exhibit improvements in eye contact, tolerance, verbal and non-verbal communication and receptive skills. Yoga helps children with concentration, academic performance and mental health, contributing to an increased sense of body awareness and self confidence.

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